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Published: 2017-04-18



Plain milk is most consumed liquid product, but when this milk is converted to flavoured milk that will be more acceptable by the peoples of all age groups. Flavoured milk is the second largest widely consumed liquid dairy product after plain milk, having numerous nutritional as well as physiological benefits. It contains same essential 9 nutrients as the milk. Adding flavour and colour to milk increases its palatability value. Some natural as well as artificial flavours are used in the preparation of flavoured milk. Flavoured milks are also prepared by adding various types of herbs to provide therapeutic value to the flavoured milk. Several vitamins and minerals are also added in flavoured milk to enrich with health providing components. Fruit based flavoured milk are prepared by adding fruit pulps or fruit juices to add the variety to the flavoured milks.

KEYWORDS: Flavoured milk; Chocolate flavoured milk; Sterilized flavoured milk; Herbal flavoured milk; Fruit flavoured milk.

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Kumar Tiwari, P., & Asgar, S. (2017). DIVERSIFICATION IN FLAVOURED MILK: A REVIEW. International Journal of Clinical and Biomedical Research, 3(2), 15–20. Retrieved from