Impact of MCCD workshop on knowledge and awareness in post graduate residents at a tertiary care teaching hospital

Sandeep S Kadu, Atul A Khalkar


Background: Medical Certificate of Cause of Death is a vital document, important scientific tool issued by the doctors. It is the physician's primary responsibility to complete the medical certificate of cause of death correctly.  Incorrect filling up of the certificate will result in gross errors in legal scrutiny in medico-legal deaths. Method:  At the beginning the self-designed, pretested questionnaire open ended was distributed to participants, immediately after distribution pre-test was conducted. After the pre-test an interactive workshop was conducted on the MCCD. After the workshop post test was conducted. Result: There was an increase in the knowledge about who issues death certificates, long form of MCCD, who issues death certificate, maximum period within which you have to inform the registrar office about death in your clinic/hospital, detent dead body until your bills paid, what matter you are going to write on 1a. column and version present available in medical students from 0% to 61%, 30% to 100 %, 0% to 91 %, 0% to 91 %, 70 % to 96 %, 26 % to 87 % and 39 % to 100 % respectively. Conclusion: In the present study there is an improvement in knowledge and awareness in post graduates students after an interactive workshop on the MCCD.

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